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Are you looking for a business bestie? 

I know for myself it is super hard to find people that are in the same journey as me share frustration, pain points, good news with and things I’m struggling with! So I created my own “Safe Space” 

4 weeks on being intentional 


Business bestie

4 weeks of accountability
4weeks of transparency
4 weeks of a community filled with knowledge
Each week we will have a guest speaker
Learn how to grow and monetize your business
Automatically will be enrolled in our new fb private group lifetime membership
Weekly calls and one hour zooms


Week 1- What are you struggling with? Finding you plan in purpose (Target audience)
Week 2- How to set up your business (Documents, tax filing, website site help)
Week 3-Fb/Ig ads how to set up funnels
Week How to build your brand/ How to monetize scaling up your business
Week 4- How to fund your business with only limited funds


Each week we will be doing accountability checks through our group and community
If you’re looking for your business bestie no matter what business you own this is for you. Only the first 20 people get this for $27.00 next enrollment will be $500.00 a person